How to download movies from Netflix

You can watch the best Netflix movies with apps or via browsers. But what if you want to watch a movie when you don’t have an internet connection? With your Netflix account, you pay a monthly fee to watch online movies. But downloading movies is illegal. How can you download movies from Netflix or record a Netflix stream for offline viewing?

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How to download movies from Netflix?

Netflix makes it pretty clear that it’s an online service only, and that any attempt to download it’s videos for offline viewing is a violation of its terms of use. However, there are a few said-to-be legal tricks to download movies from Netflix to watch them offline.

  1. Download movies from Netflix via PlayLater. PlayLater acts as a DVR for online video and downloads your queued streams so you can watch the movie again offline. You need to sign up for PlayLater and costs  $20 for a yearlong subscription, or $40 for a lifetime.
  2. Another option is to record the movie on your screen. There are a million free screen recording programmas, but Audials turns out to be the best solution with a dozen of tweaking opportunities to get the right format and size. Just enter the URL of your movie to record it with from Netflix.
  3. You can queue movies with the Netflix app to watch them later. That is possible with Netflix for iPhone or iPad, but it is also possible with the Netflix app for Android. Just login on your Netflix account, browse the movies that you want to watch, and click on the “Add to DVD Queue” button to request the desired DVD. Netflix will mail the selected DVDs to the address on the account. The number of DVDs that can be rented at a time will depend on which Netflix rental plan was selected for the account.

Another way to download movies from Netflix:

Lately there are many people who are wondering if it is possible to download movies from Netflix. Many software companies have started to make software that enable you to download movies for free from Netflix. For example there is also this article from about the software called CamStudio. Camstudio offers free software to record audio and video from your computer screen as Netflix plays your movie. Now you can download movies from Netflix for free.

Recording movies from your screen has also various other advantages as well. You can record movies from other streaming services as well, such as Twitch, YouTube, or any other online video service. The best thing is, downloading movies from Netflix to watch them offline should be protected, if that is for personal use only and if it is to watch a movie later on.

Thanks to a 2010 ruling that protects the consumer’s right to watch “time-shifted” media (the same one that makes recording streams yourself legal), the service should be protected. (source: PCworld)

Tutorial how to use PlayLater to download movies from Netflix:

Tutorial how to use Audials to download movies from Netflix:

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