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Netflix is the leading service that enables you to watch movies online and on demand. Download the free Netflix app, sign up or log in for your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch the TV episode or movie of your choice. If you are not a member yet, sign up and enjouy the one-month free trial.

Netflix is available on different devices. Here is a list of devices that enable you to watch Netflix. If you want, you can visit our on-site shop to buy a device with discount so you can watch Netflix.


Netflix for Windows PC
Netflix for iMac


Netflix for iPhone
Netflix for Android phones
Netflix for Windows phones


Netflix for iPad
Netflix for Android tablets
Netflix for Windows tablets


Netflix for Xbox
Netflix for Xbox One
Netflix for Playstation 3
Netflix for Playstation 4
Netflix for Wii

HD streaming media players:

Netflix for Apple TV
Netflix for Roku
Netflix for Amazon Fire TV
Netflix for Google Chromecast

The most popular ways to download Netflix for devices:

The most used devices to download Netflix are:
1. Computer. The most people download Netflix app for PC. People download Netflix app for computer and then watch TV Shows on their laptop, or they connect their PC to their TV. Those are the most popular ways to watch Netflix.

2. Netflix for Android. Followed by the success of Netflix for PC, mobile users alsodownload Netflix for Android. This can either be on an Android Phone or Android Tablet.

3. The third most popular whay to download movies for Netflix is to download Netflix for iPad or iPhone. iPad users connect their Netflix to their Apple TV and watch movies on Netflix.