Tablets Netflix app

Download Netflix app for iPad. Netflix is the leading service that enables you to watch TV series and movies on demand. Download Netflix app for iPad, sign up or log in for your Netflix membership and you can instantly watch the best Netflix movies online or watch TV online. If you are not a member yet, sign up and enjoy the one-month free trial. Here you can download Netflix app for iPad.

Download Netflix app for iPad and watch Netflix on the couch, in bed or anywhere, as long as you have an iPad with internet connection! The Netflix app is also compatible with Android for Samsung.

Why you should download Netflix app for iPad:

  • You have access to a large database of the best Netflix movies and TV online. You pay a low monthly price to have unlimited access.
  • Watch on demand movies or TV episodes anywhere and anytime you want, as many times as you want.
  • Download Netflix movies to watch them later on your iPad.
  • The Netflix database is updated frequently with new movie titles and TV shows.
  • Easy access to a search function that allows you to look for titles.
  • You can watch a movie or TV show on one device, pause it at any time, resume watching it on another device on another location.
  • Check out this site to find out on what other devices you can watch content with Netflix

Can You Watch Netflix on an iPad Without Internet?

If you encounter a situation where you won’t have Internet and you want to watch a movie on your or download Netflix for iPad, you need to plan ahead. Netflix doesn’t enable you to download movies from Netflix to your iPad. However, the possibilities as described on this page enable you to download movies from Netflix and watch movies and TV shows later on your iPad. Download netflix app for iPad now!

Support: Download movies from Netflix on your iPad with your American account, also outside the United States!