How to watch US Netflix outside of USA?

It has been confirmed that the US Netflix app has a lot more possibilities to watch free movies online, or to watch TV episodes for free. For example, the US Netflix app has more content than the Canadian Netflix or Netflix in the United Kingdom. There is however an opportunity to trick your device and watch US Netflix on your Netflix app, in your own country.

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How to watch US Netflix on your PC anywhere in the world?

  1. The first step to watch US Netflix in your own country is to get yourself a so called HMA – Hide My Ass. This software basically re-routes your internet connection through a random US based server, so your Netflix will think it is located in the USA. Because you tricked the Netflix app, it will show the American Netflix Library. Download HMA here.
  2. Setup HMA perfectly to watch US Netflix in just a few simple steps: When you are at the Dashboard, select the option “Random 10 closes servers based on geographic distance – United States” from the drop down menu. Now HMA will compare your location with the 10 best random servers in the USA. This will get you the best servers available.
  3. Open Netflix and enjoy the large library with US title that you couldn’t view before HMA. It’s just that simple! HMA is so confident that their users will love their product, that they give a full refund if you don’t like their service. Just sign up, find out if you think it is worth it and enjoy US Netflix in your country. If you are not satisfied, claim your money back.

How to watch US Netflix on your iPhone or iPad outside USA?

Of course you also want to enjoy US Netflix content if you watch Netflix on your iPhone or iPad. A lot of people even stream their Netflix from their iPhone or iPad to their Apple TV. You still want to experience the best contect with your Netflix subscription, so check out these steps to watch US Netflix content in your country. Getting HMA on your iPhone or iPad is a little bit more difficult than setting up your HMA on your PC, but still worth the effort.

  1. On your iPhone/iPad, go to General -> Network -> VPN.
  2. Add a VPN configuration.
  3. Select PPTP
    1. Description: Use a simple name like [VPN + Location]
    2. Server: Go to your account and check which server to use.
    3. Account: Enter your accountname
    4. Password: Enter your password
    5. Make sure Proxy is off.
  4. In your HMA dashboard you can re-check all these settings entered in step 3, on the page with “PPTP Settings”.
  5. Launch your VPN and start the Netflix app. You will now see that your iPhone or iPad will have the US Netflix Library!

Enjoy watching the best Netflix movies online. You can even download movies from Netflix to watch them offline later.

Are there any other ways to watch US Netflix in your country?

Certainly. That is why I give you some tutorial video’s of how to watch US Netflix in your own country.

Tutorial how to watch US Netflix on PlayStation:

In short: Go to “Secundary DNS settings”, enter:

XBOX Tutorial: How to get USA Netflix in any part of Europe:

Enter the following DNS settings:

Unblock US Netflix to watch US Netflix anywhere in the world:

This tutorial uses